Soy VS Milk- getting more for your money

DISCLAIMER: This is really for the avg healthy adult. This is geared to the adults of the world. Not for infants/toddlers.

This week we will look at the value of making our own Soy milk VS buying Milk.

Nutrition of Milk VS Soy Milk.

soy milk vs cows milk

So far we see milk has more fat, calories, cholesterol, salt, and sugar.  I did not make this picture, I got this picture is from this very vegan friendly site site so I will list out more pro and cons for each more separately down here.

new doc 2017-06-03 18.37.29_1.jpg

The research behind the health effects of Milk and Soybeans have been largely inconclusive. The general advice is, you can drink either, but don’t drink too much!

Cost of Soy Milk VS Milk

553g soy bean per 1 gallon of soy milk

13 pound soy can make 10.6 gallon of soy milk

29$ for 13 pound of non GMO soybean

Non GMO soybean milk2.70$ a gallon.

32$ for 25 pounds of GMO soy bean

25 pound soy can make 20.4gallon

GMO soybean milk1.56$ a gallon.

Milk  – $3.40 a gallon

I personally don’t use 550g of soy per gallon. 250g of soybean per gallon tastes just fine to me. I based the amount of soy based on the most popular soybean recipe found online. So, for me, it costs around 1.35$ a gallon of  non gmosoy milk. You can water down soy milk to  save more $. Just be aware, more water = less nutrition. But seriously. In the USA, the population is more at risk for over nutrition than malnutrition. As stated above- this is for Adults. Do not water down your infant/child milk/soy milk please.


You really don’t save that much. I was deciding if I should really post this after working out the math but this is something we really need to take a look at a lot more closely. It is simply not fair to compare the price of Soy Milk to Milk.

  1. Milk is a very heavily subsidized food in the USA. It only costs so low because you already paid for some of it in your taxes
  2. Environmental concerns with the production of milk far outweighs the concerns of Soybeans. Here are just 3 major issues
    1. Methane Pollution- Warms the earth up to 100x more potent then xc02 in first 5 years
    2. Nitrogen- Runoffs polluting waterways
    3. Excessive Water Use
  3. Ethical Concerns
    1. We all love animals. Humans are a very lonely species. I mean, people are fascinated over wildlife, dogs, cats, squirrels. Have you ever seen a cow up close?  It’s pretty cool. What’s not cool? Dairy Farms. We can ignore it all we want. But the more we drink milk, the more we support the modern day practice of milk farming.
  4. Soy milk is not the only product you get after making it from soy beans. You also get Soy Pulp. AKA. Okara
    1. Quote from wiki “Okara that is firmly packed consists of 3.5 to 4.0% protein, 76 to 80% moisture and 20 to 24% of solids. When moisture free, the gritty okara contains 8 to 15% fats, 12 to 14.5% crude fiber and 24% protein, and contains 17% of the protein from the source soybeans. It also contains potassium, calcium, niacin.”
      1. Soy Pulp is a low calorie, high protein food that would be a great addition to our diet
    2. Okara can be supplemented into foods such as:
      1. Tempeh
      2. Bread
      3. Cookies/crackers
      4. Pancakes
      5. Oatmeal

Any grain with the supplement of Okara will make the food a complete protein.

That is my findings of Soymilk VS Milk. There are tons of websites written on this topic. So many, you don’t even know what to believe. Just know, don’t drink too much of either, and most likely you will be fine. I honestly never thought I would be able to make a difference in regards to climate change, or with the mistreatment of farm animals. Now I know I can. So I implore you. Save that dollar! Drink less milk! Drink less soy milk! Stop the mistreatment of dairy cows! Save our planet!

Making Soymilk

I use to make my Soy milk with a cheesecloth/blender. It’s alot of work. Especially if you’re making a batch every week. So i brought a soy milk maker. Best money ever spent! Totally worth it.





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