Intro- To Obtain Success, We must first define Success.

To Be Successful one must have..

  1. Health- For obvious reasons. You can’t be successful if you’re dead. Unless if you always dreamed of becoming a martyr, then this site is not for you.
    1. With Health comes looks. There are all types of campaigns of accepting your body,  but in reality. it would be nice if we can all look like supermodels.
  2. Money- The question is how much money? But nonetheless. We all need enough income to provide food, water, shelter, and of course- luxuries.
  3. Passion- Once we are alive, and all our needs are met, this is the final answer we are all looking for. “What should we do with our life? and How should we go about doing it”

This website is really for the mid/lower income families who have a home, have a job, but feel like everything is a struggle and feel like they are stuck in a rut. In this endless cycle of work, sleep, eat, enjoy life for a bit, and repeat. Now I know there are a lot of websites that already cover this.

They typically cover general shit like

  1. Find your passion!
  2. Try hard!
  3. It’s ok to fail!
  4. Positivity!
  5. Coupons!
  6. Financial Advice!


Seriously. It’s motivating and all, and it may help you with your life. But if you are looking for something more concrete. Here it is. My formula to succeed in life. Guess what. It’s nothing new! You hear of it everyday, and see it everyday.


Now. Big question. How? Why? I will now slowly prove to you, by saving money the correct way, you will obtain a healthy lifestyle, save enough money for retirement, and vacations or luxury items, and finally obtain knowledge. I am also a big advocate on the environment, so I will also do so in an environmentally healthy way.



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