How to Save Money


  1. No Take Out- Always Cook at home. Takeouts are considered luxury items. This includes buying lunch, breakfast, or dinner at work.
    1. Math- As per website They sited, americans eat out 4.2 meals a week. Let’s say they eat on the cheap side- 5$ a meal. so avg meal they spent on take out would be 20$ a meal.
    2. If you cook at home- you can make around 3$ a meal for lunch/dinner, breakfast is like 50 cents to 1 dollar. lunch and dinner is 14 meals. at 42$. breakfast at 7$. est- so 49$ a week you have to spend on food. If you eat takeout- that will be 61$ a week. You save 12$. a week. x4 weeks you would save 48$ a month. 576$ a year. <—— That is the money for your hotel for your vacation to paradise.
  2. No Juice, Soda, or any packaged drinks. These are luxury items.
      1. 1 Soda a day- 30$ a month. 1 year- 365$ <—Things you can do wit 365$- Plane ticket to anywhere in the US. Buy a nice Smartphone. etc.
  3. No stops at Coffee or Tea in the morning. If you want Coffee or Tea. Make it yourself.-
    1. “According to Accounting Principals’ latest Workonomix survey, the average American worker is shelling out more than $20 a week on coffee, for a yearly average of $1,092.” <—
  4. Create healthy meals at home that cost avg 2-4$ a meal. I will actually show you how to make meals w. an avg cost of 2$.


What to do with saved money?

You have two options. Mix of month

  1. Spend it on something you desire- Vacation, a materialistic thing. Something you always wanted
  2. But it in a roth IRA and be able to retire in luxury someday. With just cooking at home, No Soda, no outside coffee, you can save almost 2000$. Invested into stocks- with historical rates of return of 7%. After 40 years you would have 457,168.06$. Once you reach 60. You are done. That’s just from those simple steps alone. Let’s say you want to just about max out your roth IRA. at 5000$ a Year. then at 7% you would have 1,142,920.14$.  How are you going to get that 5000$? Well. Lets say, you and your wife have around identical expenses, you both stop eating out, stop buying outside coffee, no soda. etc. that 2000$ doubles. Because that’s the expense for 1 person. x2 = 2000$. you are Just about there.

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